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11.10.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
A while back we told you about the upcoming horror flick TRICK 'R TREAT that has Bryan Singer producing, with Michael Dougherty (co-writer of SUPERMAN RETURNS) making his directorial debut from his own script. Today Variety is reporting that the TRICK has 4 new cast members, and so far... it's lookin' very good!

Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Leslie Bibb (pictured) have all been cast to star in the flick, which is set on Halloween night in a town where those who break the rules of the holiday do so at their own peril. Cox & Paquin are actually bigger stars than I thought this flick was gonna consist of, which is cool, and since it's reminiscent of HALLOWEEN, I can't help but see Cox in the Dr. Loomis-like roll that Donald Pleasence rocked so hard. Not only that, but it's always nice to see when they cast hotties like Bibb here, even if it's almost guaranteed that she doesn't make it to the end credits.

Filming is set to begin this coming Thursday in Vancouver, BC- let's hope there's a lot of rain in the script, or they're shooting on soundstages only, because we're sure getting pounded here in the Northwest! Stick around for more casting news on TRICK 'R TREAT as we hear it!
Source: Variety



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