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02.13.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
Did you know they were remaking THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS? Again? The original film, released in 1962, was based on the book published in 1951, and has since been adapted to the small screen in 1981, 2006, and 2007. And now it's being adapted for the small screen yet again. I guess it's kind of a big deal in the UK, eh?

According to Variety, the new twp-part mini-series just got hit with some serious casting news today, as it looks like Dougray Scott (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2), Joely Richardson (NIP/TUCK), Brian Cox (RED), Eddie Izzard (PRINCE CASPIAN), Jason Priestley (90210), and Vanessa Redgrave (NIP/TUCK) have joined the production. Wow, there's some pretty big flippin' names there!

As a refresher, TRIFFIDS a shower of meteorites produces a glow that blinds anyone that looks at it. As it was such a beautiful sight, most people were watching, and as a consequence, 99% of the population go blind. This chaos results in the escape of some Triffids: experimental plants that are capable of moving themselves around and attacking people.

The take home idea here is that Triffids are plants that can move around and attack people. Now that's f*cked up. As THE RUINS has showed us, plants that eat people can be pretty f*cking ferocious... if I ever see one, I'll be sure and crap my pants.

The new TRIFFIDS is scheduled to air in the UK on the BBC only, but considering the stars and the possible high-production value, there's no doubt this sucker will debut on DVD at some point or another. No doubt in my mind

Joely Richardson!
Extra Tidbit: hen writing 28 DAYS LATER, Alex Garland was inspired by the opening scene in THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS.
Source: Variety



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