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Tron Legacy's Joseph Kosinski looking to helm military alien flick Archangel

04.25.2011by: Jake Dee

Man, what is it with this Joseph Kosinski guy and aliens?

After being dumped by Disney, Kosinski has seen his alien invasion yarn OBLIVION (aka HORIZONS) move to Universal, with Tom Cruise attached to star. Apparently not enough of an alien fix, Kosiniski is now looking to direct another tale of the extraterrestrial called ARCHANGEL. Peep it...

According to Deadline, New Regency has brought in writer Adam Cozad to retool the ARCHANGEL script by Andrew Will. Word is Kosinski is attached to direct, with Tony and Ridley Scott's Free Scott banner to produce.

ARCHANGEL focuses on a secret unit of the military that tracks and hunts down aliens living among us.

A relative unknown, Cozad adapted GREY MAN and wrote MOSCOW, two scripts currently in development. Kosinski has only TRON: LEGACY under his directorial belt, but if Tom Cruise is really enthralled about doing OBLIVION, you can bet ARCHANGEL will come second.

Or will it? Should Kosinski direct OBLIVION or ARCHANGEL first? Which project do you think has more potential?

Extra Tidbit: I really don't care which flick Kosinski directs next, just as long as he brings in TRON LEGACY'S Olivia Wilde (above)!
Source: Deadline



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