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04.17.2009by: Eric Walkuski

I never gave HBO's "True Blood" a chance after I was so turned off by the first episode, but from what I've heard, maybe I should have. I was just put off by a lot of the performances, and the storyline, for whatever reason, didn't capture my imagination at all. But it certainly did others, and was popular enough to warrant HBO giving it a second season, which premieres in June.

Above is your first look at the one of the new teaser posters for the show. The other two posters sport the same image, but have different taglines: Ready to be bitten again? and Ready for seconds? Take a long gander at the poster and you'll see that a nifty optical illusion is going on.

For those not at all in the know, "True Blood" depicts a world where humans and vampires co-exist somewhat harmoniously. It stars Anna Paquin as a waitress with psychic powers, but who is cursed with perhaps the most irritating southern accent in the history of terrible southern accents. (That's no short history on the big or small screen.)

The second season of "True Blood" begins on JUNE 14th.

Extra Tidbit: Paquin won an Oscar at age 11, making her the second youngest person ever to do so.
Source: E!



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