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Turistas Go Clip

11.30.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

Tomorrow is the day when Fox Atomic's TURISTAS is unleashed upon the world, and they have one more clip to show us in hopes that we get pumped up enough to see it a couple of three times over the weekend. Does the clip do it's job? You're damn right it does!

In a lot of ways, TURISTAS is looking like a rip-off of HOSTEL, except instead of the cold of Slovakia, it's the tropics of Brazil... and the group of victims are a little more dynamic. Other than that, the torture and horror of it all is in the same vein... and that's ok!

Click on the link below to see how that scalpel's used, and just remember... it's nothing personal. I'm diggin' the tension this one clip has bleeding from its pores, let's hope they can pull it off in the movie itself. Check out the clip, and then see the movie tomorrow, when TURISTAS hits theaters everywhere!


Source: FoxAtomic



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