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Turistas Trailer

10.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

We recently pointed you to Paradise Brazil, for your chance to check out the sweet site set-up for Fox Atomic's TURSITAS. If that didn't get you pumped, then this will, as the flick's MySpace page has been updated with the Official Trailer, and it is smokin'!!!

Though it takes a while to load, it's totally worth the wait, as this flick looks like it's going to kick ass! Seriously, just watching the trailer makes me never want to take a vacation- and that's a scary thought! Almost like HOSTEL set in the tropical paradise of Brazil, TURISTAS stars Josh Duhamel. Melissa George. and Olivia Wilde as a group of fun-loving college kids on vacation, having the time of their lives... until they wake up after being drugged to find themselves robbed and passport-less... and yeah, it pretty much goes down hill from there.

To check out the trailer, go ahead and click HERE and prepare to never take a vacation again December 1st, when TURISTAS hits theaters everywhere.
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