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TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 - Episode 6 & 7

TV Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 - Episode 6 & 7
04.09.2018by: Chris Bumbray
8 10

Season 3, Episode 6 & 7:

SUMMARY: Ash (Bruce Campbell) and Brandy grow closer, while Ruby hatches her most diabolical plan yet.

REVIEW: First off - I apologize for missing last weekís review. I got caught up with the holidays, and actually didnít realize Starz was airing an episode anyway. But I digress. Now that weíre a little over half-way into what Iím afraid will be ďAsh vs. Evil DeadísĒ final season, I must say that Iím impressed. Usually, with this show, the season tends to lose focus around the middle stretch, but that hasnít been the case here at all. In fact, itís been moving like a freight train all season long, with the show-runners maybe wise to the fact that this is likely their last go-round.

If anything, it maybe moves too fast, with characters being introduced and eliminated within seconds, such as the rest of the Knights of Sumeria, and, in the latest episode, Ashís doppelganger. Beloved characters are also biting the dust pretty quickly, although itís likely the two who died in this last batch wonít stay dead long.

In episode six, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) takes on Ruby (Lucy Lawless) in a grand guignol battle that sees Lawless literally torn limb-from-limb, but putting herself back together again in time to seemingly kill our heroine. However, an English-accented demon needs her body, trapping Kellyís soul in limbo, so I figure thereís still hope, as she can communicate with the now badass brujo Pablo (Ray Santiago), who was similarly killed last season.

Of the two episodes, Iíd say six has the edge in the gore department, with the Ruby fight and then the THE THING-like creature two of the knights turn into. However, episode seven has a great ending, where Brandy is seemingly, killed, leaving Campbell to do some legit serious acting, as he grieves the daughter he never knew. Luckily for both of them, she seems stuck in the same limbo as Kelly, so my guess is Pablo will somehow bring them back in an episode or two. I doubt itíll take long, because they seem bent on jamming in as much as they can, with Ash even defeating his evil clone within seconds, which you gotta figure would have stretched out to a few episodes had it been done a season ago.

Overall, two damn good episodes, and if ďAsh vs Evil DeadĒ does meet its maker at the end of the season, itís going out on a high note, although I donít think all hope is lost quite yet. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again - if you watch this show DONíT torrent it. Watch it legally, because thatís the only way it has a shot at coming back.



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