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TV Review: The Arrow's take on Bates Motel S2, Episode #5

04.01.2014by: The Arrow

EPISODE 5: The Escape Artist

CHECKING IN: Norma (Vera Farminga) gets in deeper with that old dude that wants to "help her" stop the bypass. Romero (Nestor Carbonell) gets some payback for his house being burned down, Dylan (Max Therriot) is a simply mess, Emma (Olivia Cooke) gets some action with her new boy-toy while Norman keeps playing lovey-love-love with Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski). Yes, spring is in the air!

THE ROOM:  I missed the previous episode "Checkout" due to life being life when life wants to get in the way of life, but I am back and trust me, I don’t want to miss any more episodes. My stay at BATES MOTEL last night was nothing short of eventful! I really had lots of fun with the episode  as every subplot forged forward with gravitas, oomph and charm!

We finally got some answers as to what that old dude is all about when it comes to helping Norma stop the bypass from being built. Of course he’s bad news! This is Bates Motel after all, where everything that comes off as a positive and promising, eventually takes a turn for the worse. What truly had me by the marbles though was the tie between old dude, Norma and thenKing Shit Romero, who is taking more and more room in the narrative which is great news to me! Big Romero fan right here! And was it me or did it look like it was “on” between Romero and Norma? I knew it would happen! Yes! I love the banter between the two and always dug their chemistry but I am seeing a strong attraction now, and I can’t wait to find out how far they’re gonna take it. Should be intewesting. Speaking of Romero, it was with fanboy glee that I relished him giving that Zane scumbag (played to an a-hole T by Michael Eklund) a beat down. This is the beginning of a severe conflict that is gonna get real nasty. You don’t f*ck with Romero! Romero does the f*cking! Bring it!

Moreover, love was definitely in the air in this one, with Norman finally bumping uglies with Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski ) and Emma (Olivia Cooke) also getting down with that Pot Dealer cute guy! We all know Cody has DEAD written all over her and I dig that the show is slyly making her more likeable/vulnerable as time passes on. When she bites it, we’ll feel it. As for Emma, Ithe character is one of my favs and I am happy to see her “live her life” already, letting her crush on Norman go. But I’m weary of pretty-boy-pot-boy. To be honest, I hope that Emma’s subplot will be the only one on this show that will end well. I’d be perfectly content with watching her have a fling and then we move on. But I ain’t no fool. I’m waiting for the anvil to drop. I don’t how it’s coming but it’s coming... sadly. Finally the Dylan plot line also got cranked up, culminating with a pretty exciting shoot-out. When Dylan pulled a Martin Riggs, standing still in the middle of the street firing away at an oncoming car, I had a huge smile on my face. These new twists in Dylan’s storyline (his dad revealed - drug business going to shit) has given Max Therriot more meat to chew than usual acting wise; and so far, he’s truly shining!

Ss per every episode, all of the performances were bang on but I must say as usual, Norma as played by Vera Farminga stole the show once again. Her “sex talk” with Emma was filled with nuances, I mean Farminga expresses so much by way of a tilt of the head or a dart of the eyes, it’s f*cking hypnotizing!  Norma is an emotional mess, can be shamefully manipulative and is way too close to her son; but yet, I still love, feel empathy and root for her. How Farminga pulls that off is beyond me! But I'll take it!

So all in all, I have nothingnegative to say about The Escape Artist; it upped the ante on all of its subplots, made me smile, had me in its grasp the whole way and left me, in pure Bates Motel fashion with more questions than answers! I can’t wait for the next episode! If I go by the preview, it’s going to be a doozie!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: You know the peep-hole that leads to Cabin #1 in Psycho? I predict that we’re gonna see it soon in Bates Motel. I actually thought they were gonna unveil it in this episode, didn’t happen, but my Arrow sense says it’s on its way!

Freaking Norma, every time I think she’s finally stabilizing, she pulls a fruit-cake on Norman (telling him she won't be overbearing to end with telling him that he can’t see Cody anymore). Come on Norma, give the kid a break!

Where the f*ck was Dylan’s dad in this episode, did he book out in the last episode Check-Out? Did I miss something? Let me know!

I wonder how Cody’s abusive dad will eventually come into the picture.





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