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TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 3, October 27, 2013)

10.28.2013by: J.A. Hamilton

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EPISODE 3: Isolation

THE HOOK: In the wake of war with Woodbury, Rick and his group have turned the prison into a working community, but danger continues to stir on the outside as well as from within.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: With open cold and hot, with Glen digging graves followed by Tyreese unleashing his rage on Rick and Daryl. He physically trades blows with Rick, which leads to an all-out beat down for Tyreese. Rickís the last guy you want to throw down with at this point. All the untapped rage that dudeís carrying around could level a damn skyscraper. You donít want to wake that dragon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Hershel, the voice of reason in everyoneís ear tonight. I loved his Ďfalling off the wagoní talk with Rick, but even better was Rickís response about the danger being Ďalways thereí. The wheels are turning in Rickís head whether he likes it or not, and itís all pointed to him reclaiming his spot at the head of the table. And in light of tonightís events, I think itís time for another Ricktatorship. All in favoró(raising my hand).

The flu is spreading like wildfire and damn is it brutal. I hope to god they get those meds, because if they donít, thereís not going to be anyone left. Maybe thatís not a bad thing though, reverting back to a small, tight knit group like before, but that said, they need to get the hell out of that grimy ass prison. That place is one big incubation chamber, and if they stick around much longer, itís gonna cook the whole lot of them. I donít like seeing Glen get sick, but seeing as how heís one of our elite, it leads me to believe that someone will come back with the right medical supplies in time. Hershelís miracle tea feels like it was written in there to buy our group some time, but even then, itís looking grim for the most partóshit, there was a damn walker in one of the cells for Christ sake and it didnít look like anyone killed it. Tyreeseís sister should have been all over that. Iím thinking sheís not going to make it either.

Hershel makes his rounds with nearly everyone tonight, but his deciding to go into D and help everyone was powerful. I sincerely hope that all these speeches and extra screen time isnít because heís about to die (dude did cough blood in his face), and of courseóSPOILERóHershel does die at the prison in the comics, which of course doesnít exactly mean shit at this point, but itís something to think about. Many things going on this season mimic the comics to a point, but itís all different at the same time. Now as for the trip out of the prison, Tyreese is the last guy Iíd want with me, dudeís clearly a loose cannon. Itís bad enough Darylís playing with the radio while driving (címon brother, really? Let Michonne do it), but once everything goes sideways, Tyreese almost doesnít get out of the damn car. And when he does, he loses it and barely makes it out alive. On a different note, it sounded like someone was trying to communicate over the airwaves. Thatís interesting.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4's third episode is pure adrenaline and elevates the tension to a disastrous level. I love seeing Rick go detective on the burn scene (I could almost see the BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM spectrum mode), putting everything together in his head. Carolís behaviour was all over the place tonightówhile she was herding the sick into D, talking with the kid, Tyreese and then freaking out on the water barrels. I had no idea it was her, but as the story progressed and starting pointing fingers in her direction, it was cool to see Rick ahead of the game like the champion he truly is. Carolís come a long way. Sheís a true survivor now. For her to so nonchalantly admit to burning those bodies when Rick asks is pure brilliance. She feels justified, and I understand why, sheís the den mother now, and sheís looking out for her flock. Rick probably isnít going to see it that way, but Iím sure deep down he knows it was the right call. And thatís just it, itís the call nobody wanted to make. Carol stepped up, and I like that she did. Where will Rick take this newfound discovery? I donít know, but I canít wait to find out.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: The zombie pile up underneath the back wheels of the car was nuts.

BLOOD AND GORE: The med gang encounter the biggest group of walkers seen yet on the show. Heads fly. Arrows fly. And Tyreese gives new meaning to the term ďhammer timeĒ. All he needed to say was Ďcanít touch thisí to make it complete.

WTF CHARACTER MOMENT: Carol. Like I said, she feels responsible for the group now. Sheís willing to do whatever it takes, be it hard truths or tough calls. God knows someoneís got to, but itís obviously eating her up a little inside.

COOLEST SCENE: Hershelís speech about doing the right thing to Rick and Maggie. Heís not only the man, but the moral thread holding these guys together. Please donít die Hershel, we need you.



Extra Tidbit: In all this chaos, wouldnít it be downright poetic to see the Governor pop up to say hello?



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