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Twilight Saga: Eclipse suffers re-shoots, doing so without director David Slade?

04.14.2010by: Jake Dee

UPDATE: Word has come in that ECLIPSE director David Slade is indeed headed to Vancouver after overseeing the film's score in London. Once there, he'll preside over what are now being reported as pick-up shots, not actual re-shot footage.

Some disheartening news has hit today for all you Twi-hards...it looks like the latest chapter in the saga, ECLIPSE, is suffering reshoots.

Still officially slated for a June 30th release, word out of Lainey Gossip states that Summit Entertainment may be calling principal cast and crew members back to Vancouver for a few days of extra shooting. One problem, director David Slade doesn't seem to be invited. Uh, okay.

We all know David Slade has a darker sensibility than the two prior SAGA directors (Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz), but creative differences between Slade and Summit have reached such a chasm that neither sides seemed to be in communication for some time. Word is, the two are now on better communicative terms, but that doesn't necessarily mean Slade will be whisked up to Canada to oversee scenes that need to be redone.

But if not Slade, who may Summit be lining up to direct the reshoots? Yup, you guessed it...Hardwicke and Weitz, of course. Makes sense for Hardwicke, who is currently in Vancouver hashing out details on another movie she may film this summer. She's even been seen secretly eyeing locales for the reshoots. Very interesting!

Key scenes requiring redo include footage of Edward and Bella in the meadow as well as a few fight sequences. Or, as I like to kid...the entire movie!

That's it for now y'all, but something tells me more on this story is bound to crop up rather soon. Stay up!

Will ECLIPSE's Ashley Greene have to undergo reshoots as well?

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think should be brought in to oversee reshoots? Should Slade be allowed to finish what he started? Hell, should they just bring in Bill Condon now to get a jump start on part 4?



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