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Twilight star Mia Maestro joins missing child thriller The Darkness Of The Road

05.19.2011by: Jake Dee

Back in February we introduced y'all to a flick called THE DARKNESS OF THE ROAD, a missing child thriller from Venezuelan director Eduardo Rodriguez. At the time of that article, we had little more to offer than a synopsis and promo poster. Now though, we've got a starring name for you to fawn over...

According to The Wrap, TWILIGHT star Mia Maestro (pictured) has joined the cast of THE DARKNESS OF THE ROAD. She'll play a young single mother who conducts a dogged search for her missing daughter.

The synopsis: A single mother named Siri (Maestro) and her daughter Eve pull over on a desolated road in a moonless desert. Everything seems to be going according to plan as they resume their trip toward a new home... But after meeting Iris, a young female hitchhiker, Siri realizes that her 6 year-old daughter has gone missing. As the search for Eve develops, a merciless force begins to attack and torment the two women, unraveling a world of terror. Siri and Iris must survive this hellish nightmare if they are to discover the terrifying truth behind Eve's disappearance...

THE DARKNESS OF THE ROAD is set up at Maya Entertainment, which will distribute the film domestically.

Extra Tidbit: The Argentina born Maestro made her screen debut in 1998 with a movie called TANGO. She plays Carmen in the TWILIGHT movies.
Source: The Wrap



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