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Twisted new cover art & a release date finally drop for Aussie genre flick The Clinic

05.26.2011by: Jared Pacheco

So it's been quite a while since we've heard anything regarding that Australian thriller THE CLINIC. So long in fact that I can pretty much gurantee you've forgotten all about this shite. No worries though, I'm here to refresh your memories just in time for it's DVD release!

Coming at us from Image Entertainment, THE CLINIC is a James Rabbitts production and is looking all kinds of twisted. Plans are for this shite to drop onto DVD August 9th and to celebrate the announcement we've got our hands on the brand new cover art for the flick. And dare I say this is some pretty messed up cover art, though we do get a little boobage. You can go ahead and disregard my rambling by scrolling directly below and checking that shite out for yourself. You've been warned.

Of expectant mother Beth Church, drugged and abducted from a desolate outback motel. The year is 1979, many years before the advent of DNA. Beth wakens in an ice bath in an abandoned abattoir. Her baby has been removed from her. After searching for a way out she is found by three other young women all in the same predicament. There is also one other young woman in the same predicament, Beth and the other three women soon discover that it is everyone for themselves as they find themselves in a deadly game of survival.

THE CLINIC sports an Aussie-centric cast that includes Tabrett Bethell (below), Freya Stafford, Andy Whitfield, Clare Bowen, Sophie Lowe, Boris Brkic, Marshall Napier and Adrienne Pickering. Mark it on your calender folks - THE CLINIC drops onto DVD August 9th!

THE CLINIC (2009) - Trailer #1

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Extra Tidbit: The last time we told you about this flick was way back in November 2009!



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