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Twisted official trailer for horror anthology Phantasmagoria

01.13.2015by: Ryan Miller

The three-part French/Italian horror anthology, PHANTASMAGORIA, has released its first official trailer, offering a twisted, razor sharp look at the three visions of fear from directors Mickael Abbate (CREEPS), Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil, Doll Syndrome) and Tiziano Martella (Legio XIII). Check out the trailer below and keep a lookout for this one on Saturday, January 17th as part of the Macabre Faire Film Festival at the NY Horror Show.

The film tells three shocking tales of horror that takes you beyond fear. With its typical Italian atmosphere and vintage photography, PHANTASMAGORIA evokes the spirit of cult films.

It stars Venantino Venantini, Cristina Puccinelli, Alberto Cattaneo, Sophie Pâris and newcomer Maya Dolan. The stories are written by Mickael Abbate, Davide Chiara (Nero Infinito), Raffaele Picchio (Morituris), Lorenzo Paviano, Riccardo De Flaviis, co-produced by Extreme Video snc (Morning Star, Zombie Massacre 2) and produced by M International.

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