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Two more international posters for Rodrigo Cortes' Red Lights flash in

06.22.2012by: Jake Dee

Rodrigo Cortes' RED LIGHTS finally shines on the screen in a few weeks, so to get us in the mood, a pair of international one-sheets for the flick have been propped. In specific, U.K. and German posters you can find below!

The film centers on Simon Silver, a legendary psychic, perhaps the most famously gifted of all time, who returns after thirty years of mysterious absence to become the world's greatest challenge to orthodox science and professional skeptics.

Meanwhile, paranormal fraud investigator Tom begins to develop a dense obsession with Silver, whose magnetism is enhanced dangerously with each new manifestation of inexplicable phenomena.

With Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Toby Jones and Elizabeth Olsen - RED LIGHTS flash in limited US theaters starting July 13th.

Extra Tidbit: Which poster you like better?
Source: Kinopoisk



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