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Two Sisters Trailer

11.23.2004by: Matt Withers
Two Sisters Trailer Insanity, ghastly apparitions, and creepy kids. It must be time for another Asian remake! A TALE OF TWO SISTERS was Korea's top grossing film of 2003 and Dreamworks pictures has picked it up for the English language overhaul.

You can check out the trailer over at IFILM. You can also take a tour of the website here. I particularly like the website, because I didn't understand a thing and it still had me turning lights on in my house and checking around corners. As cliche as it is, I actually had my own "Cat jumping out of a closet" moment. It wasn't pretty.

The story itself goes like this: Two mentally disturbed sisters are released from the asylum and move back home with their aloof father and domineering stepmother. As if that wasn't bad enough, the house is apparently haunted by a menagerie of creepy ghosts and spirits.

Sounds pretty standard, but the structure of the original has the fractured viewpoint approach that Akira Kurosawa used so effectively in THE HIDDEN FORTRESS. Probably a good indicator why Spielberg's interested in the property, and hopefully a good sign that Dreamworks won't dumb it down for American audiences.

Thanks to Carolina for the heads up!

Source: IFILM



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