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UK fans: Supernatural: The Anime Series is coming to DVD

03.12.2013by: Kevin Woods

Fans of the hit CW show "Supernatural" had something to get excited about as the show became the first-ever live-action television series to be re-imagined as an anime series titled “Supernatural: The Anime Series” , which brought a whole new dimension to the internationally acclaimed hit TV phenomenon. North American fans have been able to get our grubby lil hands on the DVD set for a couple of years now, but our friends across the pond were left out of the loop on this incredible animated hit.

No longer. Warner Brothers has announced that "Supernatural: The Anime Series" will finally hit UK shelves on May 27th, and we have the details for ya below.

Made with the blessing and creative input of the original show’s creator, Eric Kripke, and featuring the vocal talents of the live-action series stars, this animated series brilliantly covers the events of the first two seasons of ‘Supernatural’ by recreating many of the original episodes while also introducing a whole batch of brand new material that explores the Winchesters’ previously unseen childhoods and expanding upon the stories of several secondary characters.

The trump card, however, is the anime’s ability to go further, visually, than any live-action TV show could ever dream of going. The result makes for essential viewing for committed ‘Supernatural’ fans and provides an ideal primer and introduction for those yet to become possessed by the haunting and action-packed saga of the Winchesters.

Special features on the set will include:

  • Making of Supernatural: The Anime Series Part 1 The Road to Anime Production
  • · Interview with Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke
  • · Episode Introductions with Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
  • · Interview with Directors Shigeyuki Miya & Atsuko Ishizuka
  • · Interview with Actors Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
  • · Making of Supernatural: The Anime Series Part 2 The Road to the World
  • · Interview with Voice Actor Hiroki Touchi (Japanese voice of Dean)
  • · Interview with Voice Actor Yuuya Uchida (Japanese voice of Sam)
  • · Original Japanese Trailer: Storyboard
  • · Original Japanese Trailer: Shape Shifter
  • · Original Japanese TV Spot

So how can ya get your hands on this set? Easy. Fans in the UK can pre-order this badboy by clicking HERE, while fans elsewhere who missed it earlier can get ahold of it HERE.


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