Unborn in January

Normally when a movie is given a January release it's not a good sign. Then again, when HOSTEL came out a few years back, it hit hard in January... and flopped when it's sequel hit in June, so go figure. In this case, I think we should just be stoked the movie is seeing the light of day, no matter what month it's released!

David Goyer's THE UNBORN is scheduled to hit theaters January 9th, 2009, courtesy of Rogue Pictures. I say this is a good thing as Goyer's last directorial effort, THE INVISIBLE, didn't even get a proper theatrical release--THE UNBORN is already lookin' better than that P.O.S.!

THE UNBORN is about a woman haunted by terrifying visions, turning to a spiritual advisor to uncover the source of these nightmares.

The flick stars Odette Yustman (above), Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good (below), Carla Gugino, and Idris Elba. I'm a big fan of Goyer's writing abilities, but haven't been too impressed with his directorial efforts... maybe he can show us what he's really made of with this one! Mark your calendars for THE UNBORN, in theaters January 9th.

Source: Rogue



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