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11.04.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Normally I keep the DVD news to the DVD BUZZ-SAW (access the archives HERE), but this... this is too big to keep under wraps until Friday. Paramount Pictures has officially announced that, on February 3rd, they will be releasing FRIDAY THE 13TH UNCUT DELUXE EDITION on DVD and Blue-Ray!!!

Ever since I've worked on the site I've heard rumors of an uncut version of the original FRIDAY, and now it looks like after all these years, the elusive 'uncut FRIDAY' will actually be making it to DVD. For those of us who bought the FRIDAY THE 13TH box set (or any of the single disc FRIDAY DVDs) prepare to kick yourself... or at least, prepare to double-dip.

Paramount also announced the release of DELUXE EDITION DVDs for both FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 on February 3rd as well, though unfortunately, these two will not be uncut. No word on whether PART 3 will be released in its original 3D... but they haven't denied it yet either, so there's still hope!

There are details as to the special features released, but I'll keep those for this week's BUZZ-SAW... all you need to know is that, on February 3rd, FRIDAY THE 13TH in all of its uncut glory, will be coming to DVD for your viewing pleasure. Let the party begin...

Classic poster... maybe one of the best ever?
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