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Universal looking to bring us more Wolfman movies on DVD?!

03.10.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Here's a crazy item. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Universal is looking to make another WOLFMAN film, despite the fact that the first one was a commercial and critical flop. (It did win an Oscar for Make-Up, though.) Here's the thing: Apparently it's not a sequel they're looking to make, but a complete reboot. Again.

Evidently the plan is to kickstart a new direct-to-DVD franchise ala what they're doing with DEATH RACE (or what Warner's has been up to with THE LOST BOYS sequels). The project is out to writers now, but the details beyond that are sketchy...

This is a very odd development (again, if it pans out). It's not like the DVD sales for the Joe Johnston film were that great: according to box office tracking site The Numbers it made around $20 million from home video (and about $142 million theatrically, worldwide). Certainly not enough to recoup the massive amount of money the studio spent on developing and producing the movie. Guess they're just trying another way to squeeze some dough from the title.

We'll let you know when we hear more.

WOLFMAN star Emily Blunt

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