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Universal's Ouija, starring Olivia Cooke, summons an extended TV spot

08.20.2014by: Kevin Woods

Last month we got a look at the first trailer for Universal's upcoming OUIJA, which stars "Bates Motel" cutie Olivia Cooke and is inspired by the 'spirit board' of the same name. We followed up the trailer with a handful of stills and a new poster a few days later, but since then the spirits have been kinda quiet. Now we have a new extended television spot for ya to check out below. This latest TV spot premiered last night during ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" which goes to show ya what kind of audience OUIJA is aiming for. Not sure I'm feeling this one, gang. I'll take Kevin Tenney's WITCHBOARD over this PG-13 fare any day.

OUIJA comes from Stiles White and Juliet Snowden, the writers of such films as BOOGEYMAN and THE POSSESSION, and is produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes and Jason Blum's Blumhouse.

In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

The pic stars “Bates Motel” and THE QUIET ONES‘ Olivia Cooke, with Douglas Smith and Bianca Santos.OUIJA hits theaters on October 24th.

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in OUIJA or will you pass on this one?



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