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Untraceable banned?!

02.28.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Here's an intriguing item: You know that silly Facebook site? The one almost all of the writers for AITH have pages on? That one. Well, seems as though you just can't put ANYTHING on there, as Universal has just found out. Facebook pulled a page for the Diane Lane-led flick UNTRACEABLE'S international launch. Read on, from Variety:

Taking its lead from the pic’s chilling storyline, in which a serial killer creates an untraceable website where he conducts violent and painful murders live on the net, a “Kill With Me” page was posted on Facebook. The more fans the Facebook page received, the more of the torture sequence from the film was made available to view for free.

Kind've creepy, no? The entire scene was going to be online - and taking a cue from the world's worst cocktease (wherever she may be), Facebook pulled the page before the scene was shown, on the grounds that “pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed."

To add interest, there's some site called Seesmic (personally never heard of it), a "video blogging community," which also objected to UNTRACEABLE'S content. Also from Variety: A new Seesmic user was added who initially interacted in a normal fashion with established members. But when the character reappeared seemingly having been abducted and now being tortured, Seesmic mistook it for real-life torture and kicked the lurker out of the community.

So the response to torture is "Get the hell offa our site?"

I don't think this is a First Amendment issue, so I'm not going to get all worked up over this. Plus, it's UNTRACEABLE - not exactly a movie I think about every day. Or week, for that matter. But this certainly might make studios rethink their viral marketing for horror flicks in the near future.

One final question: Why the hell wasn't this happening when the flick was coming out in the States? It had practically no buzz here, this might've boosted its profile a tad... Ah, who am I kidding...

Source: Variety



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