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U.S. poster and premiere info for Italian Ghost Stories anthology

05.25.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Last month, Jared informed you all about ITALIAN GHOST STORIES, an Italian horror anthology produced by Gabriele Albanesi. Also know as FANSASMI in its native tongue, a U.S. poster for the film has been released. Check it out below for some old psychic cleavage.

That's not all. We've also learned that the film will make its U.S. debut in just a couple weeks. It will screen at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival in San Francisco, CA on June 4 at 3:20 pm. More details and tickets for that can be found here.

The movie collects five ghost stories influenced by classic horror but narrated in the Italian way and visual style. Each story is helmed by a first time Italian director: "17 NOVEMBRE" from Tommaso Agnese, "OFFLINE" from Andrea Gagliardi, "LA MEDIUM" from Roberto Palma, "FIABA DI UN MOSTRO" from Stefano Prolli and "URLA IN COLLINA" from Marco Farina and Omar Protani.

The film stars Daniele De Angelis, Primo Reggiani, Laura Gigante, Guja Quaranta, Chiara Brunamonti, Maurizio Tesei, Carola Clavarino, Santa De Santis, Alessandro D'Ambrosi, Jonathan Coppola, Giulia Moscatelli, Anna Maria Teresa Ricci and Claudia Fratarcangeli (below).

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Extra Tidbit: Anyone in San Fran going to check this one out? What do you think of the poster?
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