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US rights to Polish hit Suicide Room nabbed by Wolfe Releasing

06.06.2011by: Eric Walkuski

I hadn't heard of SUICIDE ROOM before, but that's changed today thanks to news that the US rights to the Polish box office hit has been nabbed by Wolfe Releasing. The film was an official selection of the Berlin Film Festival

The plot: Dominik is a regular kid. He is popular, has the prettiest girlfriend in school, rich parents, money for clothes and for partying. Until one day a single kiss changes everything. She. She gets in touch with him online. She is intriguing, dangerous, and devious. She brings him into the "Suiciders Room" - a place of no return.

Trapped by his own emotions and entangled in a deadly intrigue, Dominik will lose the most precious part of life...

We've got a trailer with English subtitles below, and I can't say that it's extremely appealing. However, just as bad movies sometimes have good trailers, the opposite can also be true.

SUICIDE ROOM actress Roma Gasiorowska

Extra Tidbit: You wired into this flick? Or already signed off?
Source: Variety



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