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Vamp u will suck your blood this February: check the new poster and trailer!

01.21.2013by: Lizandro Melean

VAMP U, is a new horror/comedy that promises to bring the sexy back to the Dracula story. The movie will hit theaters and VOD February 12th, then it will go straight to the DVD shelves on March 12th and the guys at Fangoria nailed a new trailer and a new poster just for you!

The flick is about a history professor who's also an ancient vampire, played by Adam Johnson (FROZEN), who accidentally killed his beloved woman more than 300 years ago and he's still in pain (that's what I call true love). Things change when he falls in love with Chris Keller (Julie Gonzalo) who looks uncannily like his dead wife. He starts an affair with her and BOOM he accidentally turns her into a vampire (that damn bloodthirst!) and all hell brakes loose.

Now Chris is bitting every man on campus and she's also recruiting new sexy vampires to her legion including the gorgeous Samantha (played by Alexis Knapp). What's not to love here?

Vamp U is directed by Matt Jespersen and Maclain Nelson and stars Adam Johnson and Julie Gonzalo.

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Extra Tidbit: Do you want a bite of Alexis Knapp?
Source: Fangoria



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