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Van Houten in Mambo

10.13.2007by: Jared Pacheco
Some casting news rolling in for the sci-fi flick REPOSSESSION MAMBO. Joining the film is the beautiful Carice Van Houten (pictured).

The film centers on a repo man who is made of artificial organs in a future where organs are dealt and sold. When he can't make payments on his new heart, he must flee, before his former partner comes to reposes the heart.

Along with Carice Van Houten, the film also stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as the repo man and his partner. It's based on a novel by Eric Garcia, who also wrote the script. Miguel Sapochnik will be directing the film. It's being produced by Scott Stuber and Mary Parent. Van Houten will be playing Law's wife.

Seems like a really unique flick that can go either way. With the cast it's building though, I'm assuming this one is going to be one to watch. Production on the film is set to begin this month in Toronto. We'll keep you updated on any more REPOSSESSION MAMBO news.



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