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Vargas Enters Basement

12.11.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Well it seems S.F. Brownrigg's DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT is getting the remake treatment. (Again?)

Writer/producer/director Josh Vargas dropped us an email today letting us know that he just signed on to tackle the project! Not only will he be executive producing but he'll also be writing and directing. A triple threat! Nice. Vargas' only other non-acting credit is the 2009 film SWAY. Anyone ever hear of it? Here's SWAY's synopsis: A bizarre and disturbing tale of a night gone horribly wrong for a group of degenerate flesh peddlers when they target a young man who proves to be more than a slight inconvenience.

Sounds twisted right? But we're not here to talk about SWAY. Oh no... We're talking about DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT, which Vargas will hopefully follow the same kind of twisted as SWAY. The filmmaker also let's loose that Parrish Randall and Burton Bailey will be producing the film and that principal photography is set to start in July. Damn that's a long ways away... Anyway Randall had the following to say regarding the project:

"We all felt that we could ressurect the original storyline and do it justice because the three of us admire greatly the original work of S.F Brownrigg and as a result, we all agreed that we wanted to maintain his vision while updating for new audiences this classic terrorfest. Brownrigg was that guy who made movies well outside of the Hollywood system long before the new age of technology simplified that process. His philosopies and ideaologies as a film-maker live on in so many Texas indie artists to this day, having inspired a new generation of Texans armed with screenplays, cameras, lights, a bit of cash and a lot of passion for storytelling through motion pictures to go forth and make their movies, ourselves included. So this remake/retelling will be one that remains true to the original Brownrigg classic while still delivering quite a few new and unexpected shocks for audiences of the new millenium. Think of "Don't Look In The Basement - 2010" as a film that will pay homage to the original classic feature that we all grew up with while reintroducing the chilling Brownrigg tale of Texas madness to new generations of horror fans."

Vargas adds: ""The original Brownrigg film is one that I, as well as producers, Parrish Randall, and Burton Bailey, hold in very high regard, not only in the avenue of great storytelling, but as a testement to what you can do without a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget and a few dedicated and hardworking people. We will continue to work with the same ideologies in place on, Don't Look In The Basement 2010. We will be staying VERY true to the 1973 film, with the only exceptions being that the script I wrote is alot darker in tone and a bit more violent in some areas. This isn't a "revisioning," or,"reimagining," or whatever the remake lingo is now a days. It's a straight up remake of a great horror film that deserves a chance at a new generation of horror fans, all the while doing justice to the fans who've loved this movie for years."

Well that's intriguing. A 'straight up remake' that's 'a lot darker in tone and a bit more violent.' What do you guys think? Jump aboard this one now or wait it out? We've got a long time to decide before it's July start date. As always we'll update you on any other DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT news as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: It seems this has nothing to do with the Alan Rowe Kelly and Anthony G. Sumner film starring Raine Brown (above).
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