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VH1 offer up 'supertrailer' for second season of "Scream Queens"

07.08.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Well it wasn't too long ago that we got our last update on the second season of VH1's genre reality show "Scream Queens." Actually it was just just a couple weeks ago! Now I know what you're asking yourself: Why am I here today talking about "Scream Queens?" Great question!

You see the fine folks over VH1 were kind enough to throw together a "Scream Queens" Season 2 'supertrailer' for our viewing pleasure! That's right ladies and gents - a supertrailer! Not just any trailer mind you... but a super one! Did that just blow your mind? Well wait until you see the trailer! You can check that shite out by scrolling directly below or heading over to VH1.

Judging this season's 10 contestants will be genre regulars Tim Sullivan, Jaime King and John Homa. But do we really care about the judges? Of course not! What we really want to talk about are the potential Scream Queens! Allison, Christine, Gabby, Jessica, Karlie, Lana, Rosanna, Sarah, Sierra and Tai. Want to get a closer look at the lovely ladies? Of course you do! Head on right over HERE to check out gorgeous headshots of the contestants then be sure to head over HERE for some juicy teaser stills like the one above!

"Scream Queens" Season 2 kicks off August 2nd, only on VH1!

"Scream Queens" Season 1 winner Tanedra Howard

Extra Tidbit: Can you guys think of a better idea for a genre reality show?
Source: VH1



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