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Vincenzo Natali shares Predator and IT concept art!

06.03.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Every movie fan on Twitter should be following Vincenzo Natali right now. The acclaimed director of CUBE and SPLICE has been sharing loads of concept art from unmade films, as well as peeks at unused scripts (like THESE pages from his SWAMP THING pitch) and other goods. This guy's just giving it away, so we should take advantage while we can!

Here we have some concept art from two intriguing what-might-have-been projects: PREDATOR and IT. Natali evidently had detailed pitches for both films, and he recently gave us an inside look at both.

Here are a handful of Natali's PREDATOR designs:





And here we have some IT sketches (as he puts it, the bad drawings are by him, the good ones are by artist Amro Attia):






To see more from Natali (such as art from his unmade NEUROMANCER movie and his upcoming Hannibal episode), head to his Twitter page HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Your thoughts on these concept designs?
Source: Vincenzo Natali



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