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Vintage posters for Adam Green's Frozen & Ti West's The House of the Devil!

02.02.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Remember last month when Jake D. showed you all some awesome posters slapped together for THE MONSTER SQUAD reunion? Well those creative bastards at Mondo Tees are at it again!

If you head over to the Mondo Tees website you'll find two brand new posters created for Adam Green's FROZEN and Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. Both pieces have that vintage subtle feel and .. to put it bluntly... rock pretty hard. Scope both posters out above and below or just click through to check out some larger shots of them over at Mondo Tees.

Ready for the kicker? You can buy these bad boys! Well actually... you can buy the FROZEN poster... It seems they've completely sold out of THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL! You know what that means right? These FROZEN prints aren't going to last long! So head right over HERE to grab that shite now for a measly $25!

The HOUSE OF THE DEVIL poster comes from The Silent Giants and is 18"x24". Only 100 prints were made. FROZEN comes from artist Kevin Tong and is also 18"x24". Unlike HOUSE though there were only 65 prints of FROZEN made! Enjoy these vintage posters, pick up a FROZEN one if your heart desires and keep it here for more cool genre merchandise as we hear it!

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL star Jocelin Donahue

Extra Tidbit: Not really anything to do with these posters but who's more talented: Ti West or Adam Green?
Source: MondoTees



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