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Viola Davis rounds up Prisoners, co-starring Jackman & Gyllenhaal

Nov. 5, 2012by: Jake Dee

Viola Davis is about to round up some PRISONERS!

The Wrap has it that Davis, the 2-time Oscar nominee (pictured), will join Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Melissa Leo in the gritty kidnap thriller from director Denis Villeneuve. Sadly, no details on her role are provided at this time.

The film centers on a small-town carpenter (Jackman) whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped. After the cops fail to find them, his character takes the law into his own hands, kidnapping the man he suspects is responsible.

But as his friend and daughter's captivity continues, the carpenter begins to have doubts that he has the right man.

PRISONERS goes under the lens early next year for September 20, 2013 release.

Extra Tidbit: Hot or Not: Viola Davis? (I think yes)!
Source: The Wrap

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