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02.16.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
It's that time o' year again... award season for all those flicks that critics and high society deem the best of the best. Sometimes they go along with your own opinions, and sometimes they leave you scratching your head- just who votes for these award shows anyway???

If you're sick of all the B.S., then look no further than JoBlo.com's The Golden Schmoes, our sixth annual Movie Awards where the nominees and the winners are voted for by YOU. Yes, YOU! With slick categories such as Best Horror Movie (and the nom's are all so good this year... it's gonna be a tough choice!), Best T&A, and Best Movie Poster, there's plenty of opportunities for at least one of your favorite movies of the year to recieve some love!

If you head over to THE GOLDEN SCHMOES OFFICIAL VOTING SITE, you can get your vote on right now! Voting goes through the weekend, with the last day for voting this Sunday, February 18th, with the winner's announced HERE Monday, February 19th!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure your favorite horror movie recieves the respect it deserves as the best of '06, and GET YOUR VOTE ON NOW!!!

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