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Walking Dead clip: a golden opportunity to take over the prison

12.06.2012by: Eric Walkuski

February seems so very far away, doesn't it? We will not be seeing a new episode of "The Walking Dead" until then, so we'll have to quench our (blood)thirst for the splendid AMC show with whatever we can get our hands on.

Earlier in the week we caught a glimpse of the sure-to-be-intense showdown between Merle and Daryl, and today it's another new clip from Episode 9, titled "The Suicide King." In it, the new visitors to the prison, led by the badass Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman), contemplate taking over the safe haven for themselves... which of course means taking out the remaining members of our group, including Carl and Carol. What to do, what to do...

We'll keep an eye out for more "Walking Dead" goods to keep your hunger down until February!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think is going to happen with this new posse of survivors?
Source: AMC



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