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Walton Warms Reaper

06.14.2005by: Matt Withers

Our dear Karen Walton, who scripted the outstanding genre bending werewolf tale GINGER SNAPS, is finally circling back to some darker material. She's been off writing for TV for quite awhile now (5 years in fact), but has now signed on to co-write BILLY GRIMM with director Brad Peyton for Columbia.

The story follows the first Reaper born with a heart. Not exactly a gorehounds delight for sure. And the pic is being classified as a romantic comedy which is even worse. BUT, let's keep in mind that Walton successfully combined horror, coming-of-age, and black comedy all into one kick ass package with GINGER SNAPS, so I'm going to hold out hope that she'll take what sounds like a concept for a new Adam Sandler movie and make it something special.

And if I'm wrong, well, it's still gonna have to be a far sight better than BOOGEYMAN.



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