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Want to be the 26th director for horror anthology ABC's Of Death? Sign up here

08.11.2011by: Jake Dee

Well folks, it's that time.

Producers of the coolly premised horror anthology - ABC'S OF DEATH - are now looking for a talented up and comer to direct the final chapter of the 26-part horror show. As you may know, you'll not only join the likes of 25 other highly touted genre directors...if your chapter is chosen, you can win a healthy $5,000. And your work will be included in the final film. How f*ckin' awesome is that?

From an official press release:

We are searching for the next great genre director and we are prepared to give away five grand in cash and a dose of fame to find a lucky winner. The ABCs of Death has already signed up 25 of the most talented genre directors on this planet and have saved the 26th spot for someone to grab with both hands and to throttle it into submission. The winner of this global search will have their work included in a feature film alongside some of the genre's most talented new blood. But even if you don't win, your searing talent may just be discovered through this competition. So if you want to take part in the greatest horror project since Dr Frankenstein first threw that switch, then just read the below and start those bloody creative juices flowing.

Please do not upload any old short your film you may have made. We won't post anything that isn't created specifically for this competition. Read all the instructions below or all your effort may go to waste. Those who don't read instructions very well should find someone who can. (or grab a translator)

And yes you can shoot in any language you wish. All we ask is that you subtitle it in English.

Remember to upload your work as quickly as possible, as the more people you can get to vote(*) for your short the more chance you'll be in the Top Ten and to go onto the final judging round, when the 25 other directors get to choose the winner.

Not sure if anything could be cooler. If you think you've got what it takes to be the 26th letter, CLICK HERE for all the details you need to enter the contest.

Extra Tidbit: Kaare Andrews is one of the 26, he of course directed ALTITUDE, starring the luscious Julianna Guill (above).
Source: Official Site



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