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Want to know who (most likely) gets killed at the beginning of Scream 4?

01.11.2011by: Eric Walkuski


Back in August of last year we found out that two young actresses had covertly joined Wes Craven's SCREAM 4. Having never heard of either Lucy Hale or Shanae Grimes, I assumed that the two were just meat for the grinder; most likely there to film a quick scene - the first one, perhaps - and get whacked out... Turns out, I was pretty on point.

Promoting a show she's evidently on called "Pretty Little Liars", Lucy Hale spoke briefly to Screen Junkies about her SCREAM 4 role. In doing so, she basically gave up a major spoiler:

ďItís a small role, which I was very happy to play. Iím at the beginning of the movie. They literally made me sign stuff that I couldnít say much about it but itís very exciting. It was very exciting for me to be a part of it and meet Wes Craven whoís an absolute sweetheart. I didnít know what to expect but it was fun.Ē

They should have had you sign even more, Lucy, because you've already spilled the beans. Anyone who is in the first scene of a SCREAM movie gets offed: fact.

Hale went on to say: ďTo be a part that has a cult following, to look back at Drew Barrymoreís opening scene and be like Iím a part of this. This is unreal. Itís really cool.Ē

See Lucy Hale get butchered on APRIL 15th.

Extra Tidbit: Do you watch "Pretty Little Liars"? You do, don't you..
Source: Screen Junkies



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