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Want to see an insanely trippy trailer? Of course you do! Check out Door Number 8!

12.24.2011by: Jared Pacheco

So considering this seems to be a very popular time for trailers to be released how about I show you all a twisted little treat from Telugu? Does that sound like something you might be interested in? Of course it does!

The flick I'm getting at is a trippy little treat called AA INTLO (DOOR NUMBER 8). The trailer for this.... whatever it is... can be found over in our videos section or by scrolling directly below. So what're you waiting for? Scroll on down and tap that shite!

Chinna and Asha Saini, rechristened Mayuri, move into a new house with their two kids. Chinna is an atheist but is shown as a man who is concerned about the tulsi plant drying up countless times in the portico. He is puzzled and curious about the weeping sounds in the house, his wife falling sick, getting hysterical periodically, the maid's and a friend's death, the constant arguments that have been creating a distance between the couple, and finally his kid getting aggressive and violent.

So that's all we've got on this one... but let's be honest - Isn't that enough?


DOOR NUMBER 8 (2009) - Trailer
Extra Tidbit: What's the trippiest flick you've ever seen?



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