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Wanted's Chris Morgan and Whisper's Chris Borrelli behind hot script Stranded

04.26.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

A hot screenplay titled STRANDED is floating around Hollywood. Behind the script are Chris Morgan (right, WANTED, FAST FIVE) and Christopher Borrelli (WHISPER, THE VATICAN TAPES). Here's the plot that has folks talking:

The story follows a group of college kids who are trapped inside their broken-down SUV, surrounded and thus hunted down by evil.

Apparently, nearly the entire thriller takes place in a Chevy Suburban, causing those who read it to liken it to PHONE BOOTH meets BURIED. Sounds pretty interested to me, as I'm generally impressed by a film that can utilize a single location.

Paramount is reportedly in negotiations to pick it up. If all goes according to plan, STRANDED be one of low budget genre films from their new division, Insurge Pictures. The unit was formed following the success of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to produce films for $1 million.

WANTED's Angelina Jolie

Extra Tidbit: Does the story sound like something you'd be interested in seeing?



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