Warner Bros. sets a release date for The Conjuring 2

We've got some release date news to throw your way today as Warner Bros. has just revealed that their follow-up to James Wan's hugely successful THE CONJURING will grace the big screen on October 23, 2015. It's an interesting move considering the fact that the first film saw a release in mid-July where it pulled in over $300 million worldwide.

That being said, the fall release might have something to do with the fact that the summer of 2015 is going to be a box office war zone where films like AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, JURASSIC WORLD, TERMINATOR, TED 2 and ANT MAN—just to name a few—will all be getting nice and sweaty release that summer.

It's actually pretty refreshing to see a big film like this get slated for an October release because we have seriously been lacking on horror movie releases during the Halloween season lately. Unfortunately, details are still pretty slim on the sequel, what we do know, however, is that both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return as Ed and Lorraine Warren where they will take on a new case. We'll hit you guys with more news on this one as we get it! For now, enjoy staring at the gorgeous Vera Farmiga!

Extra Tidbit: Will you still watch a sequel to THE CONJURING even without director James Wan?



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