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Warner Bros. is picking up Fede Alvarez's Monsterpocalypse

05.03.2016by: Brennan Klein
Monsterpocalypse Fede Alvarez Warner Bros

EVIL DEAD's Fede Alvarez has been attached to adapt the film MONSTERPOCALYPSE, based on the popular cult board game. The project, which sounds an awful lot like PACIFIC RIM, has been caught in the maelstrom of a bidding war. Until today. Warner Bros. is currently in negotations to pick up the film, which will then be put into production at a later date.

Written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, the story will:

involve giant monsters who attack earth. After the humans fight back, the monsters retreat, but it is quickly discovered that they didn’t leave, but instead burrowed underground and are sending some sort of signal into space. The humans prepare for a possible future attack and develop giant robots that will fight the monsters if and when they return.

More on this story as it breaks!

Extra Tidbit: Did you ever play Monsterpocalypse?



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