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Watch 6 min of REC 2!

12.10.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Those of you who need a new [REC] fix can now get it - big time - from Allocine. The website has posted the first 6 min. from [REC] 2 online, which you can watch below via embed. F*cking cool, eh?

Having just watched the footage, all I can say is that I was so immediately engrossed that I forgot it was going to end. When it did, I was pissed. Still am. Now I want to see the film even more...

If you don't speak - or read - Spanish, however, you're shit out of luck in terms of understanding what they characters are saying. That's okay though, because images shriek louder than words in the [REC] world. To see the footage in HD, head on over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I've heard some serious raves about this movie...
Source: Allocine



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