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Watch a clip from Michael Winterbottom's controversial The Killer Inside Me

03.10.2010by: Jake Dee

One film I can honestly say I'm looking forward to seeing this year is Michael Winterbottom's polemic thriller THE KILLER INSIDE ME. First off, any film that divides so many individuals and catalyzes lengthy discussion warrants at least one viewing (i.e. SHUTTER ISLAND). Secondly, the flick boasts a roster of esteemed above the line talent, including Winterbottom himself, writer John Curan, actors Casey Affleck, Ned Beatty, Bill Pullman, Elias Koteas, and Brent Briscoe (remember him from Raimi's most underrated film A SIMPLE PLAN?) Of course, the looks of Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson can't hurt either.

Anyway, since I pretty much buried the lead here with justification as to why we should see the film, I think it might be wise to let you know we've got a new clip from the film for all to scope out. In it, watch Simon Baker go toe to toe with Affleck's tormented character as he interrogates him about a date he had the night before. Though a fairly innocuous scene at first glance, Affleck's character can't really hide his unstable side. Dude's a well of bubbling emotion.

Also starring Tom Bower, Matthew Maher, Liam Aiken, Jay R. Ferguson, Blake Brigham, Noah Crawford, Michael Gibbons, Zach Josse, and Rosa Pasquarella - THE KILLER INSIDE ME centers on a West Texas deputy sheriff (Affleck) is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer.

The flick premiered at Sundance in January, and has a March 22nd screening at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Take a look at Affleck's Texan accent and tell us what you think!

I wonder if Alba will for once show off some acting chops in this flick.

Extra Tidbit: Michael Winterbottom directed both A MIGHTY HEART and THE SHOCK DOCTRINE.
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