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Watch Big Willy Smith in the new Men In Black 3D teaser trailer!

06.10.2010by: Jake Dee

Despite having a release date nearly 2 years away, Barry Sonnenfeld and the savvy folks of Columbia are getting an early promotion push for MEN IN BLACK 3D. You see, a small little teaser trailer starring Will Smith has just crossed the wire, and he's promising one thing: He's about to make 3D look good!

While I'm not the galaxy's biggest MIB fan, I do like what this promo ad is communicating. Not only does it showcase Big Willy's inveterate swagger, it also slyly criticizes the current state of 3D cinematic money grabs. When Will Smith says he's gonna make 3D look good, he's not just talking about his personal vanity. It's a stern message from Sonnenfeld and folks that MIB 3D will be ultimately coddled and cared for from production all the way through its release. "We're conceiving and shooting a 3D movie the way it is supposed to be" is the message I'm getting. Maybe I'm looking too deep, eh?

Now, the last time we had a MIB 3D update, it came last month when word hit that Jemaine Clement had won the villainous role of Boris over Sacha Baron Cohen. Clement joins Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Rip Torn and Josh Brolin. Not much else is known about the story of MIB 3D, though Etan Cohen's script has gotten the once over by David Koepp.

Get jiggy with Big Willy y'all!

Rosario Dawson starred in MEN IN BLACK 2!

Extra Tidbit: Kind of strange Big Willy releases this video a day before his son Jaden's movie opens, don't ya think?
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