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Watch Jonah Hex kick ass in 2 more motion comic previews!

05.24.2010by: Jake Dee

A few weeks back we managed to catch previews for the first two chapters of a cool JONAH HEX motion comic. Well friends, how about another two?

That's right! Previews for chapters 3 & 4 of the JONAH HEX motion comic have hit the wire (courtesy of Warner Bros.), and we've got them bad boys for ya below. You know what that means, after this, only 3 more episodes will be released prior to the theatrical debut of Jimmy Hayward's supernatural western on June 18th. Times-a-tickin' y'all!

So where exactly can we you find the entire JONAH HEX motion comic, not just extended previews? Three places actually: iTunes, Amazon and the official WB store. Shouldn't be too hard to hunt these suckers down!

Here's the gist of the cool promotional tie-in:

Jonah Hex Motion Comics is an all-new collection of action-packed stories featuring DC Comics' character Jonah Hex, the ruthless bounty hunter with a conscience who inspired the theatrical film. Now, three of his legendary tales have been brought to life, panel by panel, for the first time ever, featuring an original soundtrack and full cast of voice actors. Of the total of 7 episodes, the first five episodes are adapted from the renowned graphic novel Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo, telling the story of Jonah Hex seeking justice and revenge against the mad Doc Williams and his zombie circus gang when they murder his traveling companion. The Gunfighter and The Hangin' Woman are two short stories from the famed gunslinger's popular 1970s comic series, brought alive with sound and motion. As they say: He was a hero to some, a villain to others, and wherever he rode people spoke his name in whispers...

As we've known for months now regarding the live action flick, Josh Brolin plays the mangled-mouth badass, with support coming from the always fun to watch John Malkovich, Will Arnett, Michael Fassbender, Julia Jones, Seth Gable, Michael Shannon, Thoms Lennon, Aidan Quinn and some broad named Megan Fox (shown below).

Get the HEX June 18th, & feel free to purchase the motion comic RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: HA...what about that perv leering through the side-mirror at Fox's backside?
Source: Warner Bros.



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