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Watch Mark Pavia's Stephen King-praised zombie short Drag!

02.03.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

We've got a cool little treat for you today. Writer/director Mark Pavia passed along his short film DRAG, which you can watch below. As if the fact that it's a free zombie flick - shot on 16mm, no less - wasn't enough to entice you, the short is approved by none other than Stephen King.

Yep, Mr. King saw the short and enjoyed it so much that it lead to the hiring of Pavia to write and direct the adaptation of his THE NIGHT FLIER in 1997. He called it "the best short horror film I've seen in twenty years - smart, scary, and ferocious." Pretty cool, huh? Here is the synopsis:

The world is dead. A lone woman, Victoria, struggles valiantly to stay alive on this desolate planet once known as Earth. But Victoria is not alone here. She shares her horrifying new world with beings of a different kind... the living dead, ferocious beasts hungrily searching for human flesh. With a sawed-off shotgun strapped to her back, Victoria drags a dead body through this horrifying new world in a desperate attempt to hold onto her humanity... to hold on to her past.

The 35-minute short stars Ellie Cahill, Jack O'Donnell and Marty Sanderson. It also features cinematography by Mauro Fiore, who would later win an Academy Award for his DP work on a little film by the name of AVATAR. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: Mark Pavia is currently in pre-production on a new Christmas-themed horror film titled SICK NICK.
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