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Wayans do Munsters

11.12.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The Wayans Brothers, the same dudes who brought us such cinematic 'classics' such as LITTLE MAN and SCARY MOVIE, are gearing up for their next project... a big screen version of the 1950s television series THE MUNSTERS.

Shawn Wayans had a chance to talk with MTV about the status of the project, and it looks like a third draft is almost complete, with the next step casting then filming.

It's somewhat of a surprise a big-screen adaptation of THE MUNSTERS hasn't happened yet, and if anyone can pull it off and have it be funny, it's the Wayans Brothers. Check out a bit of what Wayans had to say about the reasons for going into this project:

We were big fans of ‘The Munsters.’ We grew up watching them. We loved the characters. We thought that they would be a very, very funny movie. You know, they did ‘The Addams Family,’ which I thought wasn’t that funny or well-thought out of a show, but they did it ‘cuz they had a catchy theme song and turned it into a movie. I thought ‘The Munsters’ had the real meat and potatoes rich characters.

I totally agree! As the actual shows go, I've always thought THE MUNSTERS was better than THE ADDAMS FAMILY--in fact, I never really liked the FAMILY TV show. Yet, the movie they made out of it was pretty damn good... even when MC Hammer showed up in the sequel.

The new MUNSTERS will be similar to the old MUNSTERS, just set in modern times. The Wayans Brothers have been threatening to bring the film to the big screen since 2004, so it should be interesting to see if this actually comes to fruitation or not. To check out the full chat with Wayans, click HERE, and keep it here for more on THE MUNSTERS big screen debut!

Source: MTV



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