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Weinstein wants Rambo 5

01.29.2008by: Jared Pacheco

If your one of the lucky people to have seen RAMBO this past weekend, hopefully you'll join in on my excitement towards the following news tidbit. The Arrow sure as hell had a blast with RAMBO.

Well the news tidbit I'm speaking of comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily and, putting it simply, has Harvey Weinstein saying he wants another RAMBO!

I'm happy to join him in that sentiment! RAMBO was awesome! All the bloody, violent greatness we want in our action flicks. The stuff that we should be seeing but everyone is too afraid to put out there. Not Sly Stallone! Contrary to coming in second to MEET THE SPARTANS (only by around .6 million), the buzz around RAMBO is HUGE!

Critic-wise, not so much. Action fan-wise, extremely. People love RAMBO. All of us here at AITH do, and Harvey Weinstein does too.

Mind you, this isn't anything solid yet, considering Mr. Weinstein doesn't have the rights to RAMBO. The guys over at Nu Image actually hold those according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, but that's not stopping Weinstein from expressing his interest in putting another violent masterpiece out there.

Apparently Mr. Weinstein is thinking something along the lines of "bringing the character back to the United States." I'm definately down for that. I don't care where John Rambo is kicking ass, as long as he's kicking lots of it. Weinstein also had the following to say: "I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it's because I'm older, too."

After watching RAMBO, I think it's safe to say Sly's still got it down pact. Head on over to Deadline Hollywood Daily to read up some more on the situation. So here's hoping Mr. Weinstein's words aren't a waste and we see Sly bringing John Rambo back soon.

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