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Wenders/Dafoe in Miso

05.22.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Horror is obviously going arthouse nowadays (or is it the other way around?) - and I like it. Call this an older "new-wave" of horror directors: we've already told you how visionaries like Lars Von Trier and Werner Herzog are sharpening their knives for the genre, and now it looks like another longtime auteur will put on his horror hat: Wim Wenders.

Wenders has a long resume of films, including beloved classics like PARIS, TEXAS and WINGS OF DESIRE. Now he's delving into what sounds like pretty bizarre territory with his new one, entitled MISO SOUP, based on the novel IN THE MISO SOUP by author Ryu Murakami.

Here's Wenders describing the project to The Hollywood Reporter: "...my next film will be a genre movie. Full on. It will be a horror film. It is going to be very exciting. Horror is one genre that is used much less than others to transport other things. Lots of people have used great thrillers to transport political messages but the horror film is rarely used to transport anything but fear. And that I think makes it very interesting to try. It's called Miso Soup and is based on a famous Japanese novel. Willem Dafoe is attached to star. We will shoot in Tokyo next spring. But I'm not telling you anything else."

Now dig on the synopsis for IN THE MISO SOUP, courtesy of Amazon - it's actually pretty f*ckin awesome! Easygoing young Kenji makes good money guiding Americans through Tokyo's seamy nightlife. His teenage girlfriend has no objections, as long as he reserves New Year's Eve for her. But Kenji's latest client, a simmering psychopath called Frank, disrupts those holiday plans. He wants to regale Kenji with crazy monologues as he hypnotizes low-level sex workers. A fat man with superhuman strength, skin that's metallic to the touch, and an unsettling habit of telling contradictory lies, Frank immediately raises the guide's hackles. Kenji even suspects that this ugliest of Americans dismembered a local schoolgirl and immolated a homeless man. But until he can prove his suspicions--and for a disturbing while after--Kenji will keep leading this monster man from one bizarre scene to another.

I guess Dafoe is playing the superhuman psychopath? In any case, absolutely count me in for some MISO!



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