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Werewolf power struggles will fuel What We Do in the Shadows spinoff

06.23.2016by: Brennan Klein
We're Wolves Taika Waititi What We Do in the Shadows

Although the WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS spin-off WE'RE WOLVES is not yet on the top of director Taika Waititi's priority list, it's still in development. Look, THOR: RAGNAROK is keeping him pretty busy, OK? However, he did drop some details on the movie that are certainly intriguing.

He says that WE'RE WOLVES will revolve around "a power battle between lycanthropes" played by returning actors Rhys Darby and Stuart Rutherford.

Says Waititi:

It would basically be Rhys and Stu vying for position as the alpha male in the werewolf gang.

It's not much, but it's something to gnaw on before Marvel releases the New Zealander from his capture. More details on this story as they break!

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer vampires or werewolves?



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