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What can you expect from the Shark Night Blu-ray? Special features listed here!

12.20.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Sorry folks, it doesn't look like you'll be getting a no-holds-barred director's cut of SHARK NIGHT on Blu-ray/DVD, really hurting the film's chances of anyone giving a chum about its impending home video release. That said, the landlubbers out there who are still willing to give the David R. Ellis-directed thriller a chance (with mandatory case of beer) shall be interested to know what features will accompany the Blu-ray and DVD.

On the Blu-ray you can expect:

- Shark Attack! Kill Machine!
- Shark Night's Survival Guide
- Fake Sharks Real Scares
- Ellis' Island
- Theatrical Trailer

The DVD has most of the same special features, but is lacking the "Shark Night's Survival Guide" and "Fake Sharks Real Scares" supplements... Meanwhile, the Blu-ray also contains a digital copy.

When Sara and her friends arrive at her family’s Louisiana lake house, they quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of sexy fun in the sun. But they soon discover the lake is infested with hundreds of flesh-eating sharks — and a few equally dangerous human predators — that turn their killer vacation into a bone-crunching battle to stay alive!

SHARK NIGHT hits on JANUARY 3rd. Pre-order the Blu-ray HERE; the DVD HERE.

SHARK NIGHT star Sara Paxton

Extra Tidbit: Do you plan on swimming with SHARK NIGHT on home video?



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