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What movies are you watching this weekend?

11.16.2012by: Eric Walkuski

This new column is pretty self explanatory. I'm gonna share with y'all what I'll be watching this weekend. And you share with us what you'll be tapping via the comment section below. So here it goes!

Eric W. here again, still filling in for The Arrow as he shoots his film, BILLY TRIGGER. So what am I giving my time over to? Well, if you listen to the AITH Podcast, you know George A. Romero's MONKEY SHINES has been deemed worthy of a revisit; has been several years since I last experienced that one.

In addition, I'll be sitting down with the Lance Henriksen wilderness thriller IT'S IN THE BLOOD (it's now On Demand), as well as checking out a little number called KIDS GO TO THE WOODS, KIDS GET DEAD. Anyone seen it?

What are you peeping this weekend, boils and ghouls?



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